Arai Defiant Pro-Cruise Helmet - Black Frost

Defiant Pro-Cruise Helmet - Black Frost

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Although much more aggressive on the outside as compared to its siblings, the new DEFIANT contains all the internal attributes that set every Arai apart from the crowd. This helmet is a masterful example of taking what’s in front of you and simply making it work better.


  • Multi-Density (up to 5 in some models), Single piece EPS liner provides exceptional impact energy management, while keeping the overall size and weight of the helmet to a minimum
  • Hyper-Ridge reinforcing band, strengthens the shell around the large opening, helps maintain structural integrity under severe impact and carries more shell weight down low to improve and lower the center of gravity of the helmet for a lighter feel and less rider fatigue
  • New IR front spoiler edge trim creates a stabilizing down force, reducing buffeting, lifting and wind noise that can be generated by the turbulence trapped between your shoulders and the bottom of the helmet. Pull-Down spoiler improves airflow under the chin to enhance the exhaust flow when you exhale, while also streamlining. Used in conjunction with the new flared bottom edge trim, the Defiant proves to be extremely stable at speed and is a bit quieter too.
  • Shell shape and ventilation are designed to work together to flow more air while reducing drag
  • The new IC-4 upper front intake vents have a slide-gate closure that seals more completely when closed, allowing for a cleaner airflow while closed
  • The new ACR-4 flow thru exhaust vent also allows airflow to pass over and through the vent, accelerating exhaust flow from helmet interior when open, and reducing drag when closed
  • Brow vent ducting has been redirected to flow air across the temples, cooling the temporal arteries leading to the brain. The air flow then passes the ear pockets, drawing away more excess heat, and exits out the side cowls.
  • New IR chin vent allows for better venting, aggressive new look, and better shield de-fogging. Easily replaceable
  • Now With SAI Shield Pro Shade System Installed!
  • The Pro Shade System reduces excess ambient light in both the down and up positions. And in the up position, it can reduce sudden glare with just a subtle dip of your head – so you don’t have to take your hands off the bars.
  • SAI MAX-Vision “BROW VENT” shield, combines the enhanced field of view of the SAI eye port (with 5mm more peripheral view at each side), with a full eye port cavity to accept the Pin Lock 100% Max-Vision lens for larger anti-fog field of view.
  • Clear Pin Lock 100% Max-Vision Brow Vent anti-fog lens “Included” with the helmet!
  • New FCS (Facial Contour Support) cheek pad design is an innovative and exclusive spring support system that adds just the right amount of pressure when needed while being worn, but seamlessly “gets out of the way” when putting on and taking the helmet off
  • Cheek pad design has 5mm peel-away temple pads adds another level of customization, giving the helmet interior a little extra width when needed, and has an added benefit of a quieter ride
  • The design of the new FCS cheek pad cannot be over emphasized. The contoured shape, combined with multiple layers of varying foam densities, supported by a patented spring, cradles the face like nothing that has ever come before – even in an Arai
  • New liner material provides a luxurious feel for better comfort on longer rides
  • Fully removable/replaceable/washable Interior: Comfort head liner, Cheek pads, Chinstrap covers and neck roll pad
  • New water Repellent material on exposed areas of cheek pads and neck roll prevents absorption of excess water in rain conditions
Certifications/Warranty: DOT and SNELL Approved

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