Ortovox Avalanche Transceiver S1 Plus

Avalanche Transceiver S1 Plus

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  • This 3 antenna avalanche beacon combines the best features and the latest transceiver technology
  • Now includes RECCO Advanced Rescue Technology
  • RECCO features a reflector inside the transceiver which helps rescuers find the victim quicker and easier. Used by over 700 ski areas and rescue teams around the world
  • Be found easier with Smart Antenna Technology. This technology analyzes the position of the antennas in the avalanche and automatically switches to the optimal transmission antenna, the worst coupling position is simply switched off.
  • Ortovox is the only avalanche transceiver manufacturer who transmits via two antennas
  • Fully compatible with all other avalanche devices
  • Easy to operate, without pressing any buttons, flip open the S1+ and you are automatically in search mode
  • The only avalanche beacon that offers you an overview of the complete burial situation. The relative position of the buried victims is shown and conveys a sense of control during the search, saving vital time in the rescue
  • Simply follow the instructions on the display and the device shows you what you need to do
  • When searching, the display show a bearing line indicating your position, directional arrows and precise distance information lead you as quickly as possible to the target
  • Once you are in the refined search area, the patented circular display, in combination with the arrow and distance values, supports you in the search, you immediately see whether you are approaching or going away from the victim
  • You can also mark victims in the pinpoint field and immediately continue searching for other victims
  • Fully updatable, product development is an ongoing process, to ensure you benefit from the latest in avalanche searching technology, Ortovox has made the S1+ fully upgradeable so you will always have the most up-to-date transceiver
  • Displays number of buried victims (up to 4) with a flagging function
  • Multiple burial mode (4+), trailhead test, self-test, update, and optimized power management, switches over in case of a follow up avalanche
  • Comes with a comfortable neoprene bag
  • Uses 2 AAA Alkaline only batteries
  • Maximum range approximately 55 meters, search lane width up to 50 meters

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