Nelson-Rigg Size Chart

Note: The sizing chart listed below represents the manufacturer's suggested sizing guidelines only, and is subject to change without notice. MotorcycleCloseouts is not responsible for the accuracy of any sizing charts. If you have a specific sizing question, please email us at

Nelson-Rigg Cover Fitting Guide

Manufacturer's Suggested Size Chart (Not a guarantee of fit) 
This sizing chart for Nelson-Rigg covers is intended as a guide only. Correct sizing depends on many factors including various types and sizes of accessories installed.
*UF: Universal fit for most trikes
**Size M for most 50cc and L for most 80cc
 Defender 2000Defender 400 & 500MC-902/903/904MC-900 & 901SC-800DC-505UV-2000TRK-350TRK-350D
Sportbikes Under 750CC M M M L   L M    
Sportbikes 750CC - 1000CC or SM Cruisers W/No windscreen or accessories L L L L   L M    
Sport/Sport Touring bikes over 1000CC or MD Cruisers W/windscreen and accessories XL XL XL XL   XL L    
Full Dress Tourer LG Cruisers W/Saddlebags & Top Trunk  2XL 2XL 2XL 2XL   2XL XL    
*Trike               UF UF
**Scooter       L M/L        

Nelson-Rigg Rainsuit Sizing

Manufacturer's Suggested Size Chart (Not a guarantee of fit) 
Chest, below arm hole (Inches) 52 55 58 60 62 64 64.5
Length of Sleeve (Inches) 35.5 37 37.5 38 38.5 39.5 41
Waist (Relaxed) (Inches) 35 36 38 40 41 42 43
Waist (Stretched) (Inches) 48 50 53 55 57 59 61
Waist (Relaxed) (Inches) 20 26 29 32 35 37 42
Waist (Stretched) (Inches) 40 46 49 52 55 57 60
Inseam (Inches) 30 30.5 31 31.5 32 33 33.5

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