Leatt H3 Hydration Harnesspack

H3 Hydration Harnesspack

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The H3 is perfect for a full day on the trails. Combining a 1.2 Liter (40 ounce) hydration system and detachable tool pack into one, it ensures you can carry a light assortment of tools, keys, cell phone, wallet energy bars etc. The revolutionary 4-point harness design ensures that the H3 hydration harnesspack remains exactly where it’s intended – on your back, even over the roughest terrain. Designed for riding, not walking; put simply they don't bounce around, which means the days of having to wear an uncomfortable, distracting, and inefficient system are long gone. This harness system has adjustable Velcro straps and dual loop adjustments to allow a correct fit without restricting upper body movements or the rider’s breathing.

  • 1.2 Liter (40 ounces) disposable medical grade bladder
  • Body harness for integrated body fit
  • Integrated tool bag compartment is detachable
  • 90 degree bite valve has removable cap for dirt free drinking
  • Velcro adjusting body harness for optimal sizing
  • Hoses and mouth piece in high grade silicone
  • Bladder, hose, cap and bite valve are BPA free
  • Aluminum foil encapsulated bladder keeps your liquid cooler
  • Hands free drinking kit for your helmet as optional
  • Weight 520 grams