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Cardo Scala Rider G4 Powerset

The scala rider G4 PowerSet redefines the notion of high-end Motorcycle Intercom communication for bikers. For riding with other bikers or between couples riding together, the scala rider G4 PowerSet offers two factory paired scala rider G4 units in one package for immediate Motorcycle Intercom use.

Encased in a rugged yet streamlined body, the scala rider G4 PowerSet offers Bike-to-Bike Intercom at a remarkable range of up to 1 MILE/1.6 KILOMETERS!*

The scala rider G4 PowerSet also features a unique 4-way Intercom between two bikers and two passengers or 3-way Intercom among three separate bikers. And since several hundred thousand bikers are already using the scala rider G4 Powerset, a new and exciting feature was added to allow for spontaneous intercom connections with any G4 biker within intercom range: Click-to-Link. No need for advance pairing or any preparation. Just "Click-to-Link" and create your own roadside social network.

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